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62 » Dora Baruday-Sweet

Location: Newberg OR
Date: 05.16.2008
Time: 03:53:42

Hey guys! Great site.Happy NLEOM Day. I miss my extended family and pray for you. Kiss the wall for me.

61 » Charles E. Underwood, II

Location: Hot Springs
Date: 05.02.2008
Time: 04:32:10

My prayers to Jesus are with both the law enforcers and prisoners of Hot Springs and Garland County, Arkansas; the Garland County Jail Ministry is very much needed!

60 » Irene Thompson

Location: Washington state
Date: 03.30.2008
Time: 04:23:06

I was looking for JD Henry is he still there

59 » liciz liciz

Location: germany
Date: 03.22.2008
Time: 22:48:08

this sex offender search is a good idea. i hope we got this sometimes here in germany. good job!

58 » Terry Thompson

Location: Memphis,Tn
Date: 03.13.2008
Time: 05:44:27

Nice website. Family and I have been vacationing in the area for about 15 yrs. The wife is from Hot Springs. In two years I will retire from the Memphis PD and I'm looking forward to joining your reserve program. Still havn't gotten it out of my system. Stay safe guys.

57 » Alan Fisher

Location: Holiday, Florida
Date: 02.21.2008
Time: 09:12:43

Just surfed in and thought I would sign your book. I am a patch collector and wanted to see how I could request a patch. Stay Safe, nice website.

56 » Cadet Joey Williams

Location: Hot Springs
Date: 02.09.2008
Time: 07:37:02

I love it working as a Cadet for the Garland Co. Sheriff's Dept. I love being a Cadet and law enforcement is what I am going into. The Cadet Program has helped me very much in learning lots of things. I hope we can keep the Cadet program going and when I do become a officer I will be a big supporter in the Cadet program. Thanks to all who support it. Sheriff Sanders, Cpl. B. House, Deputy J. Tonseth, Deputy G. Keller, Cpl. D. Martineau, Deputy D. Baucom, Cpl. S. West Dispatcher S. Quast, & (to all the ones in the jail) and also Thanks to Corky for setting up this site. You did a excellant job.


Location: Hotsprings
Date: 02.08.2008
Time: 00:29:29

i just what to the every one hi

54 » will perez

Location: hotsprings
Date: 02.06.2008
Time: 01:43:49

hey this is a good website to stay updated thanks for that

53 » Webmaster FDNY EMS Website

Location: NYC
Date: 12.19.2007
Time: 02:50:53

Wonderful website. Keep up the good work and stay safe.


FDNY EMS Website

52 » kim k.

Location: Hot Springs
Date: 12.05.2007
Time: 13:11:44

really enjoyed the site,very helpful in knowing what's going on.Thank you and I'll be back,and sure will let others know you are here as well.A pat on your backs for the duties you guys and girls perform daily.

51 » russ nelson

Location: nc
Date: 11.19.2007
Time: 06:49:42

keep up the good work

50 » james

Location: hot springs ar
Date: 11.18.2007
Time: 12:29:28

is there anyway you could list the names of your deputies, and maybe some pictures that way if we see them in public we can acknowledge them

49 » Andy Gill

Location: Benton
Date: 11.07.2007
Time: 02:21:19

Very impressive website.

48 » wrongly arrested

Location: H.S.
Date: 11.03.2007
Time: 11:25:56

SGT.wolf is nothing more than a bully with a badge.He thinks that a badge gives him the right to get in your face and scream ''f''this and ''f'' that and to push you in the chest with both hands as hard as he can.He is a little man who hides behind his badge and without it someone would have riped his little head off years ago.He is an insult to every good cop out there and to what it is to wear a badge.

47 » Steve Thornton

Location: Yorkshire, England
Date: 10.10.2007
Time: 21:39:43

Facinating website providing an incredible web-site service to your community, which the UK did the same.

46 » Bob Freeman

Location: Hot Springs
Date: 07.17.2007
Time: 03:00:09

Excellent web site

45 » Michael Hall

Location: Hot Springs
Date: 06.19.2007
Time: 00:55:58

Very nice website!

44 » Cadet Joey Williams

Location: Garland Co.
Date: 06.11.2007
Time: 11:00:51

Great website!

43 » R. Burns

Location: Columbia Co.
Date: 04.10.2007
Time: 15:07:07

Great website, wish all AR counties had one.

42 » ken sullivan

Location: middlesex county new jersey
Date: 04.03.2007
Time: 04:42:52

soon to be a retiring sheriff officer and future resident of hot springs an Arkansas best kept secret in the country great in depth website stay safe!

41 » Bill Lumberg

Location: uk
Date: 03.28.2007
Time: 01:41:40

thanks great site

40 »

Date: 03.03.2007
Time: 07:55:15

Looking for Thomas Lee Brannon's obituary. He was a policeman in 1978. He died of a heart attack. His obit was July31, 1978. Please

39 » Shaun Allen Deputy Sheriff

Location: Lawrence County
Date: 01.31.2007
Time: 18:04:44

Great Site, is a really good public service. This site will be a model for ours, If I can ever get it going.

38 » paula adams

Location: washington state
Date: 01.22.2007
Time: 02:30:59

was just surfing Hot Springs. Working on family tree, thought i would take a quick look to see if i could find any relatives. What a neat website, wish all towns would do this. Looking for Claude George (Grandfather) Raised chickens in the 1940's
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