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    Huffing is the act of getting high by inhaling toxic fumes from legal household or industrial items. Other names for this act are bagging and sniffing.  Huffing is responsible for over 1,000 U.S. deaths annually. Many parents are worried about the children doing drugs but do not usually consider household items as drugs, but inhalant abuse is third to alcohol and marijuana in drug use by teens. Huffing is a common trend, twenty percent of all eighth graders have huffed inhalants.

  • Neglected Appearance/Hygiene

  • Poor Self Image

  • Grades Dropping

  • Violent Outbursts at home

  • Frequent use of eye wash

  • Unexplained weight loss

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • Slurred Speech

  • Curfew Violations

  • Running Away

  • Skin abrasions

  • Chemical breath

  • Glassy eyes

  • Valuables missing

  • Hostility towards family members

  • Red eyes

  • Stealing/borrowing money

  • Valuables suddenly appear in child's possession

  • Change in friends

  • Depression

  • Withdrawal

  • Apathy

  • Reckless behavior

  • No concern about future

  • Defies family values

  • Disrespectful to parents

  • Lying/deceptive

  • Sneaky behavior

  • Disregards consequences

  • Loss of interest in healthy activities

  • Verbally Abusive

  • Manipulative/self-centered

  • Lack of motivation

  • Truancy

What to do if someone is Huffing

  • Remain calm and do not panic.
  • Do not excite or argue with the abuser when they are under the influence, as they can become aggressive or violent.
  • If the person is unconscious or not breathing, call for help. CPR should be administered until help arrives.
  • If the person is conscious, keep him or her calm and in a well-ventilated room.
  • Excitement or stimulation can cause hallucinations or violence.
  • Activity or stress may cause heart problems which may lead to "Sudden Sniffing Death."
  • Talk with other persons present or check the area for clues to what was used.
  • Once the person is recovered, seek professional help for abuser: school nurse, counselor, physician, other health care worker.
  • If use is suspected, adults should be frank but not accusatory in discussions with youth about potential inhalant use

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