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Adult Detention

Headed by Chief Deputy Mark Chamberlain, the Adult Detention section of the Garland County Sheriff's Office employs 34 Deputies, Clergy, a full time nurse, 4 cooks and houses approximately 200 inmates. Listed below is information that may be useful to you if visiting or bringing items to the Detention Center for friends or relatives.

adult detention

  • Automated Phone System - The Adult Detention Center has an automated phone system that allows callers to check on the status of an inmate. Callers who dial the Detention Center's main number, 622-3683, will be switched to the system. This system will allow you to get information on a inmate's charges, court date, bond, visitation times, directions to the Detention Center and courthouse as well as information on inmate commissary.
  • Visitation – A separate phone number has been set up for visitation requests. Persons wishing to schedule a visit MUST call (501) 321-9621 on Saturdays beginning at 12:00pm. Visitors may call until all visitation slots are full. If you receive a fax tone after the designated time, visitation for the following week is full. Visitations will be schedule for 30 minutes on Sundays from 12:00pm – 5:00pm, Wednesdays from 4:00pm – 10:00pm and Thursdays from 4:00pm – 10:00pm.
  • Clothing Items - Departing inmate property or clothing that is left over 30 days after departure will be destroyed. All clothing items must be purchased on the detention commissary.  We no longer accept any personal items at the jail other than approved Prescription medications or items approved by the jail administrator. 
  • Commissary - Inmates who have money deposited into their accounts may purchase personal hygiene items, snacks and the following clothing items through our phone system: socks, t-shirts undergarments and thermal undergarments. Calling cards may also be purchased by inmates from commissary to call friends and family. If you have questions regarding the inmate phone system, there is a brochure in the lobby with more information. Inmates may order commissary until noon on Wednesdays to be delivered Friday afternoons. Inmates who do not have monies in their account will be provided basic hygiene items at no cost. Money can be left on an inmates’ account anytime using cash via the kiosk in the Detention Center lobby. Money orders can be mailed or brought to the Sheriff’s Office for inmates during regular business hours.
  • Medication - Medication for incarcerated persons should be brought to the Sheriff's Department as soon as possible! Medication must be in a prescription bottle, prescribed to the particular inmate and have the original label with the prescribing physicians name and contact number, for verification. Required medications will be accepted 24 hours a day.
  • Mail - The inmate mail policy for the Garland County Sheriff's Office Detention Center will change as of January 28th, 2013. Inmates will now be allowed to accept all correspondence meeting certain criteria listed below. Only white paper and plain white envelopes will be accepted. The following rules will also apply. Please read each carefully so that any mail sent or received will not be rejected by our staff.

    Also, please note that the Garland County Sheriff's Office Detention Center reserves the right to reject any type of correspondence that it considers to be unsuitable or in any way threatens the order and security of the facility. If mail is confiscated or rejected, the inmate will be notified unless such notification would infringe on security or other law enforcement activity.

    Family and friends can continue to mail money orders, provided they are correctly filled out, legible, signed by the sender and not altered in any way. Detention staff will open all incoming mail to intercept money orders so that they can be signed by the inmate and placed on their commissary account.

    All mail will be read, censored and distributed to the inmate the same day that it is received, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Once mail has been approved, the envelopes will be deposited in the trash by staff so that inmates are unable to reuse stamps.

    Inmates will be allowed to receive three (3) 4” X 6” photographs and newspapers that have been prepaid for by an outside source and ordered directly from the publisher.

    All legal mail must be clearly identified as such between the client and attorney or court which pertains to their case. It will be opened and scanned for contraband in front of the inmate to whom it is addressed.

    Mail sent from one inmate to another, whether it originates from this agency or not, will be considered contraband. It will either be destroyed or placed in the receiving inmate’s property unless consent is obtained from both agencies that they will allow such correspondence.

    All outgoing mail from inmates must have the correct return address or it will not be mailed. If no return address is listed, it will be destroyed. If the return address is incorrect, staff will attempt to return it to the inmate for correction.

    All incoming mail must also have the sender’s return address written legibly in the upper left-hand corner. If there is no return address, the mail will be destroyed.

    Any writing or drawings, or any type of reference to gang activity or involvement will be destroyed, whether incoming or outgoing. This will not be tolerated.

    All mail received after an inmate’s release will be returned to sender.

    In addition, the following is a list of items and reasons why mail would be returned to the sender:

    • Stickers or post-it notes
    • Blank cards, blank paper or blank postcards enclosed
    • Cash or personal checks enclosed
    • Content including criminal activity, extortion, blackmail or any other material that could pose a danger to anyone or anything in the facility
    • Stamps, stamped items, paper or envelopes enclosed (Inmates must purchase these items from commissary)
    • Bubble wrap, cardboard, coupons or any items that could be used for gambling enclosed
    • Colored paper or envelopes, postcards or greeting cards enclosed (only white writing paper allowed)
    • Food or clothing items
    • Glued items, glitter or gel pens, metallic ink, confetti, excessive ink, markings or paint
    • Racist or other inflammatory materials, including gang symbols, hand gestures or ‘street’ names
    • Sexually explicit materials or nude/semi-nude photographs, including babies and children
    • Unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence
    • Correspondence banned by the courts due to a no contact order or other order of the courts
    • Lipstick, bodily fluids, perfume, cologne or other scented items/papers
    • Polaroid pictures
    • String, ribbon, white out or tape
    • Plastic, laminated items (including pictures), metal items, paper clips, staples or metal clasps
    • Unknown substances or stains on paper, envelopes or photographs
    • Foil or foil-lined envelopes
    • Greeting cards
    • Manila envelopes

    The Garland County Sheriff's Office Detention Center recognizes the importance of inmates maintaining personal relationships with family and friends outside of the grounds. However, for the safety of our staff and those in our care, we will not tolerate violations of any state, federal or local laws or the rules of the Garland County Sheriff's Office Detention Center. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

  • Inmate mail must be addressed as follows:

Garland County Detention Center
C/o Inmate Name
525 Ouachita Avenue
Hot Springs, AR  71901

        If you have any questions about a Adult Detention matter, you may contact Chief Chamberlain or Captain Branstetter at 501-622-3683 or by email at; or


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