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Garland County Sheriff's Office
Juvenile Detention Center
Parent Handbook

Your child is in the Garland County Sheriff's Office Juvenile Detention Center, also known as “detention” or “juvie”. We (staff) know that this may be a difficult time for you and your family. Our purpose is to provide a secure and supportive environment for your son/daughter while they are here. We have given you this handbook to explain what our policies, programs and services are. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.

Court: If you need to contact your son/daughter’s probation officer, please call 501-622-3772.


1.      Only parents, legal guardian, grandparents and brothers/sisters may visit.

2.      Visitation hours are Sunday – 12:00pm – 3:00pm and Wednesday – 5:00pm-8:00pm.

3.      Visitation is for 15 minutes (per visitor).

4.      Youth shall have the option of receiving visitors.

5.      Leave your purse, diaper bag and large items in your locked car.

6.      Picture identification of visitors may be requested.

7.      Visitors must adhere to all rules regarding visitation.

8.      Visitation may be monitored by direct supervision.

9.      Visitors are subject to search and/or admission denial if:

a)      There is prior information of a security risk involving a visitor.

b)      The visitor has been involved in passing contraband on a prior occasion. Contraband is to be considered any item that has not been pre-authorized by detention staff.

c)      The visitor is suspected of using alcohol or illicit drugs prior to visit.

10.  Special visits may be arranged in the following circumstances:

a)      Youth are departing for an institution.

b)      Family members traveling more than one hour.

c)      Health limitations of the youth or family member.

d)      Work schedule of family members.

11.  You and your son/daughter must maintain appropriate behavior and language or your visit will be terminated.

Telephone Calls:

All calls from detention are made from the dayroom collect phones. Youth may call approved numbers during their free time.

The phone system is through Securus. If you have any questions about phone blocks or billing questions, please call them. The number is 1-800-844-6591.

Unless it is an emergency you will not be able to make personal calls to your son/daughter or leave a message while they are in detention.


Mail is picked up daily during normal working hours. We will supply all writing supplies. You may bring mail to your son/daughter that has gone through the post office and is unopened. All other cards, letters, etc. will be prohibited.


You will need to come to the detention center and fill out a Consent To Medical Treatment and Acknowledgment For Payment form. This will allow us to pass out “over the counter” and prescription medication to your child. If your son/daughter needs medical attention while in detention, we will contact you. If your son/daughter has a medical appointment in the community while here, you may need to reschedule it or get an interim release from the court. Your probation officer must approve the interim release. In cases where the appointment is necessary and the court does not approve the interim release, staff may reschedule the appointment when staff is able to transport. Your son/daughter may request to see the staff nurse while at detention.


We do not accept “over the counter medication”. We provide Tylenol, cough syrup, etc. If your son/daughter is taking prescribed medication, the medication must be in the original prescription bottle. If the dosage amount is different than what is on the prescription bottle, we need written instruction from the doctor.

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